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Past Life Tarot Reading

Past Life Tarot Reading

  • $75.00

This Tarot Reading is for those seekers who want to explore one of their past lives. 

We often feel connections to places or people that we just can't explain. As if we have been there before or know that person instantly. There can even be a call and deep longing to places we have never visited.

This may be your connection to a past life.

Spirit Guides can teach us lessons for this lifetime and some of us want to understand that calling that we have to a person or place.

  1.   Environment — Your past life environment
  2.   Soul energy — The energy around your soul in that life
  3.   Early years — The energy of your early years
  4.   Occupation — The work that you did in the past life
  5.   Social status — Your past life social status
  6.   Relationship — The love life energy in that past life
  7.   Family — The family and dynamics from your past life family
  8.   Passing  — Clues on how you passed from that life
  9.   Lesson Learned — The lesson you can learn from this past life
  10.   Ripple Effect - How this lifetime is still affecting this one
  11.   Current Lesson - What you are learning this lifetime
  12.   Release - What you can release from this lifetime

This Tarot Reading uses a custom Tarot Spread for past lives.

It is important to be here now and we are responsible for all of our actions. We can, however, learn from our experiences, even if they are in memory.

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