This full color illustrated E-Book has 10 delicious Tarot Spreads for you to use in your practice all designed by little ole me.

There are detailed explanations of each of the Tarot Spreads and their use as well as Tips on Reading the Tarot throughout the book.


  • Introduction
  • Tips for Reading the Tarot
  • Ethony*’s General Oracle Spread
  • Get Outta My Way Tarot Spread
  • My Compass Tarot Spread
  • Heal The Past Tarot Spread
  • Heart of The Relationship Tarot Spread
  • Turn It Around Tarot Spread
  • Relationship Health Check Tarot Spread
  • Pillars Tarot Spread
  • Make A Choice Tarot Spread
  • Get Your Groove Back Tarot Spread
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