Witches Wheel 2019 Tarot Reading - Email PDF Reading

  • $160.00

Walk the Witches Wheel for 2019 with this forecast Tarot & Witches Rune Reading. 

I have created a Tarot spread that weaves the magic of the Sabbats to allow you to see what is in store for 2019 for your journey around the wheel. There is also a Witches Rune Casting over your reading for extra divined guidance. 

You can focus this reading on an area of your life, like your career or relationships or you can have the reading focus on your overall spiritual and personal journey. 

I will also look at your major lesson and theme for 2019.

This Tarot Reading is designed to be printed off and put in your journal, mirror book, grimoire or book of shadows for the year. 

This is an 18 Card Tarot Spread and there are charms and spells for magical times of the year also in this reading. 

Different Tarot Decks are chosen for each client. If you have a request for a certain deck to be used with your reading please let me know.

This is an email PDF reading only. There is no video option for this reading. 

Photos of the reading layout is a sample of what the complete reading looks like. Each reading will be personalized and different. 

**All Readings will be delivered on the 19th December 2018**