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Modern Love Tarot - Exploring The Many Facets of Love


A 78 card Tarot deck with each card focusing on a different aspect of love and relationships being experienced in 2020 and beyond.

Over the course of my Tarot reading life, the most common reason people come to sit across from me for a reading is because of their love life. I wanted to create a Tarot deck that focused on the secrets of love and how that can be expressed through the 78 keys of Tarot.

The images within this deck, designed by me and brought to life by Lucy Morningstar represent modern love in all of its glory including diverse representations of family, love, and people.

This deck can help people navigate their relationships with themselves and the people that they love in their lives, whether they need help healing from past relationships, navigating current ones, or finding a new lasting new one.

This set includes

  • 78 Tarot Cards
  • A companion guide book
  • Foil stamped back pattern
  • Colored edges on cards
  • Hard keepsake box
  • *** We are currently SOLD OUT of the Modern Love, new orders will be fulfilled once we receive a new shipment in 10-15 day***