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Malachite Handmade Gemstone Pendulums - Divination Pendulum, Crystal Pendulum

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Each one of these crystal pendulums is lovingly handmade by me.

They're made with high quality crystals, gemstones and findings.

Malachite provides protection from negative energies, amplification of positive vibrations, and enhancement of intuition and insight. It is associated with transformation, healing, and spiritual growth.

Malachite is connected to the throat and heart Chakra's. It promotes emotional healing, encourages compassion with harmony. It's the the perfect stone for empowering us to speak our heart felt truth with love.

The large Moth Pendant is a symbol of change and transformation. 

The pendulum comes in a pouch and will be carefully packaged to ensure it arrives safely.

You'll also receive a PDF of 5 Pendulum charts sent to your email address.