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Modern Goddess Oracle Deck - A Divine Feminine Oracle Deck

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This is a 65 card Oracle deck featuring 49 Goddesses and 16 empowering archetypes re-imagined for the modern-day metaphysical badass.

This deck was born out of the Awakened Soul Coven where each month we work with a different Goddess and bring aspects of her into our everyday lives. I found that much of the mythologies around these incredible beings didn’t translate well into modern-day. Their stories often focus on whose daughter, wife, or mother they are, or how they interacted with a long-gone society.

This deck brings these Goddesses into our current time with all the challenges, technology, and complexities of life. Their core characteristics remain the same, but their appearances and viewpoints have evolved with us allowing you to bring them into your everyday life and spiritual practice.

This set Includes

  • 65 Oracle Cards
  • Silver metallic stamp on the card back
  • A companion guidebook
  • Silver Gilded edges on cards
  • Hard keepsake box