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Tiger's Eye Handmade Gemstone Pendulums - Divination Pendulum, Crystal Pendulum

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Each one of these crystal pendulums is lovingly handmade by me.

They're made with high quality crystals, gemstones and findings.

Tiger's Eye instills courage, strength, and confidence, helping you overcome fears and challenges. Known as a protective talisman, it wards off negativity and brings luck and prosperity. Tiger's Eye also aids in enhancing focus, willpower, and intuition.

Tiger's Eye works with the root and sacral chakra's, supporting you with grounding, while keeping negative energies away to that you can build a safe and strong foundation.

The large Moth Pendant is a symbol of change and transformation. 

The pendulum comes in a pouch and will be carefully packaged to ensure it arrives safely.

You'll also receive a PDF of 5 Pendulum charts sent to your email address.